How to Use the Ship Catalogue

This is the database of the cruise ship/boat which you can charter in Osaka city.

It is available for public use. For more information, please contact the operating company or email to

Enter/Select search conditions

1. Enter/Select search conditions.

E.g., Searching for a chartered cruise under the following conditions, Capacity: 8 people or more,
Fee: JPY 30,000 or less per an hour, equipped with roof and toilet.
Enter/Select search conditions and click the “search” button to show search results. Ship names will be displayed on the left side.
If you already know the ship name or its operating company, you can directly enter it and click the search button.
Choose a ship from the search results

2. Choose a ship from the search results.

In reference to thumbnail images, check the boxes to display more details.
If you want to see all ships, please click the “check all” button. Then, click the “individual display” button.
Individual images will appear

3. Individual images will appear.

Click the arrow on the top right corner to turn pages.
If you click each item of “Cruise Information,” you can reference detailed data PDF files including brochures or videos.
Click the “Back” button on the bottom of the window, to go back to search results.